Luangwa, Waterfalls and The Great Lake

Eastern & Northern Zambia

Game driving, Walking safari, Kapishya hot springs, LAKE Tanganyika and the northern waterfalls

Duration: 14 days, 13 nights
Region: Eastern & Northern Zambia
Budget: from $4644.00
Kms travelled: Approximately 1630 km’s

Starting off with the world famous South Luangwa National Park, we explore this game rich wildlife paradise, then move onto one of the last remaining TRULY wild places on earth… The North Luangwa National Park. Here we walk amongst the wild, off the beaten tracks and away from the crowds. Between the two parks we expect to see Lions, Leopards, Elephant, Buffalo, Puku, Impala, Hippo, and if we are in luck, the elusive African Painted Wolf (Lycaon pictus).

We then head west and call into the extremely stunning natural hotsprings located next to the Mansa River on the working game and wildlife farm at Kapishya.

From there, the next stop is Isanga Bay, located on a sandy stretch of inland ocean on the second largest freshwater lake on the planet. Whilst enjoying Lake Tanganyika‘s fresh water paradise, we take a boat ride and a hike up to the highest waterfall in Zambia, Kalambo Falls, a cascading waterfall on the Kalambo River that forms the border between Zambia and Tanzania.

Then we head south again and visit some of the amazing waterfalls that dot this remote part of the country that is rarely visited, finishing up in Mansa where you will head onto either home or another part of this amazing country or continent.

  • Camping 40% 40%
  • Lodging 60% 60%
  • Serious 4×4 Trails 50% 50%
  • Adventure 70% 70%

Road expedition was a new experience for us. We have done road trips but not the ones that had dirt roads, sand and pothole roads. Rob was our expedition leader and he made this possible for us over 12 days of driving. He had enormous energy levels, huge positive attitude and always ready to help out any challenges on the road as well as during camping/boarding. He was ready expound his knowledge of wildlife, and Zambian way of life whenever asked. We highly recommend using his resourcefulness and meticulous planning for any other people wanting to do outback/wildlife adventures.

By Sampath and Gulzar, India

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1. Walking & Driving Safari

Zambia for many a year was the little baby brother to the other famous safari destinations… Not anymore. Although much less well known than its neighbours (Botswana, Zimbabwe, Tanzania & Kenya) Zambia, and especially the Luangwa valley, takes a back seat to nowhere. Game and species rich, this is a wildlife lovers paradise.

2. The Great Lake

Lake Tanganyika is the second largest freshwater lake in the world… And is still very rarely visited and definitely off the tourism beaten track. Swimming, snorkeling, fishing, kayaking and even scuba in some parts, this inland ocean surrounded by 4 countries is an experience only a few get the pleasure of enjoying.

3. The Waterfalls of Zambia

The North of Zambia has a plethora of rivers and streams and is blessed with some amazing waterfalls that few people ever see. We travel to at least 5 of them, and if time permits, maybe one or two more. The north of Zambia is another gem that few tourists ever tread…..And well worth the visit for the intrepid traveller.

Day 1-3

South Luangwa National Park. One of the best wildlife-viewing areas in Africa and without the crowds. Here you can look forward to finding lions, leopards, wild dogs and elephants in abundance… A truly magical place without the crowds.

Day 4

Leaving Mfuwe early, we head north through some of the remotest villages in Zambia. The road to North Luangwa is impassable for 6 months a year, and the villages along the way exist the way they have for generations. Crossing some seasonal rivers, remote game management areas and beautiful mopane forests, we arrive at Ituba Camp, situated on the Luangwa river opposite the North Luangwa National Park.

Day 5-6

The Luangwa valley is the home of the walking safari, and it is up here that we spend two days on foot. In the morning we head out early on a walking safari from 6 to 12 (approx 4 hrs of walking), head back for lunch and a siesta, and another walk or small drive in the afternoon, or sit back and watch the animals coming down to drink in the river. Hippo, impala, puku, kudu and the odd buffalo and lion are all regularly seen right from camp.

Day 7-8

Kapishya Hot Springs. A drive through North Luangwa NP, through the rhino enclosure (a few thousand hectares) and up onto the escarpment and the Great North Road, we head to the working farm and game sanctuary of Kapishya. Founded around the time of the Great War (WW!), the farm was started by the current owners’ great grandfather Stewart Gore-Browne. This impressive manor house and surrounding game and domestic farm is also home to a natural hot spring right beside the Mansa River. Soaking in these springs on a cold winter’s morning or evening is something else indeed.

Day 9-11

Moving ever northwards, we drive through Kasama and Mbala and head towards the Tanzanian border to Isanga Bay. This beautiful little spot on the south eastern edge of Lake Tanganyika is a little beach paradise 1000’s of miles from any ocean. Spend the day in the shallows, on a canoe looking for otters, reading a book and enjoying the quiet. On day two, we take a boat and take the 4km hike (one way) to the incredible Kalambo Falls. With its 235 meters straight drop into the gorge below, these are the highest waterfalls in both Tanzania and Zambia, and the Kalambo riverf orms the border between the two countries.

Day 12-14

Leaving Isanga Bay, we head south west into the heart of Northern Zambia and spend the night to Mporokoso. The next morning, we visit Lumangwe falls (righteously also named the mini Vic Falls), Kabwelume & Ntumbachusi falls, and just before our final destination of Mansa, Mumbuluma Falls.

Walking Safaris

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