Wild Luangwa Loop

Eastern Zambia

Game driving, walking safari, hiking inselbergs and soaking in natural hot springs

Duration: 13 days, 12 nights
Region: Eastern Zambia
Budget: from $4174.00
Kms travelled: Approximately 900 km’s

A journey filled with wildlife, off-road driving, walks in the wilderness, hiking inselbergs, sleeping under the stars and relaxing in natural hot springs… The best of the Luangwa valley and its hidden gems.
Starting off in the game rich South Luangwa National Park, spend three days searching for the big 4… Leopard, Lion, Elephant and Buffalo, along with a myriad of other mammals and over 400 bird species this magnificent national park holds. The painted wolf may even be a bonus!
We then head north through some truly remote areas and do some walking safaris in the North Luangwa National Park… one of the truly, really wild areas left in Africa.
Next we reach Shiwa Ngandu, a tiny piece of paradise with a lot of history and soak up the hot springs and hospitality of Kapishya. Finally we hike, swim and canoe in the breathtaking beauty of Mutinondo Wilderness, one of Zambia’s best kept secrets.

  • Camping 75% 75%
  • Lodging 25% 25%
  • Serious 4×4 Trails 75% 75%
  • Adventure 80% 80%

I joined a self-drive 4×4 expedition through Zambia and believe that without Rob’s expertise and experience we will not have had such a great time. I would love to go back to Africa with my family and will definitely have Rob lead us again the whole way!
Rob was always full of energy, happy and ready, waking up early to prepare our cars and make sure we all had enough supplies for the day, leading the way, pulling cars from the sand, setting up and packing tents etc.
He has attention to details and even decorated our campsite so we had a beautiful set up for our dinner. He also has all the knowledge about animals and safari. One occasion he convinced us to keep driving and led us to a beautiful pride. A lion with three lionesses and two cubs. What a happy moment!

By Ika Weffy, Hong Kong

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1. Walking Safari

The Luangwa Valley in Zambia is considered the birthplace of walking safaris and offers outstanding guided walks in pristine wilderness.

2. Hiking Inselbergs

The landscape of Mutinondo nature reserve is breathtaking and an absolute dream for active holidaymakers (there are no dangerous animals in these highlands).

3. Soaking in history and hot springs

The beautiful old English manor of Shiwa Ngandu is a testament to colonial history, with the crystal clear waters of the Kapishya Hot Springs just a few miles away.

Day 1-3

South Luangwa National Park. One of the best wildlife-viewing areas in Africa. Here you can look forward to finding Lions, Leopards, Wild Dogs and Elephants in abundance… A truly magical place without the crowds.

Day 4

Kamukonzo Camp. We travel through some of the remotest villages in Africa, cut off from the rest of the world for up to 6 months a year in the rainy season, with river crossings and off road tracks for a few hours… We spend the night on the banks of the Luangwa river, in a community-run camp set up to benefit the local communities.

Day 5-7

North Luangwa National Park. There’s only a few places left in the world where nature is as it was for millennia… This hard to get to paradise is a place both splendid and truly wild… Walking safaris in this pristine wilderness are without doubt a truly great experience.

Day 8-9

Kapishya Hot Springs. A drive through North Luangwa NP, through the rhino enclosure (a few thousand hectares) and up onto the escarpment and the Great North Road, we head to the working farm and game sanctuary of Kapishya. Founded around the time of the Great War (WW!), the farm was started by the current owners’ great grandfather Stewart Gore-Browne. This impressive manor house and surrounding game and domestic farm is also home to a natural hot spring right beside the Mansa River. Soaking in these springs on a cold winter’s morning or evening is something else indeed.

Day 10-12

Mutinondo Wilderness. Set on the edge of the escarpment and sitting above the Luangwa Valley, Mutinondo highlands are set among the Inselbergs (small island mountains) dotted in the area and surrounded by miombo woodlands and dambos, with the Mutinondo river close by. Over 60 km’s of walking and mountain biking trails, 10+ hills to hike (try the famous 10 peak challenge), the river to swim, canoe or stand up paddle and the 100’s of birds to identify… Mutinondo is a nature lovers paradise.

Day 13

On the road to Mfuwe. After an early morning breakfast, we set off on the road back to Mfuwe (South Luangwa). The famous 05 road, down the escarpment (a 900m drop over 5 km’s) is a true 4×4 experience and not for the faint hearted. Once on the valley floor, it’s an 80 km drive from the remote north of the park to the eastern gate and back to the Luangwa river. If lucky, we may encounter eland, hartebeest or roan antelopes. Either way, it’s a beautiful drive with barely another car in sight.

Walking Safaris

One of the Highlights of this Trip!
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