About Us

A family-run mobile safari & car hire company based in Zambia.

African Outback Adventures was born mainly out of our founder Rob’s passion for two of his favourite things (besides sports)… namely Africa’s wildlife, and remote 4×4 adventures. Since 2018, Rob & Raph have been operating from the beautiful South Luangwa area in Eastern Zambia where we are based.

Our Story

The origins of our passion for Africa

After his first overland trip to Africa more than 20 years ago, Rob’s love of adventure and travel saw him spend time in London, Canada, Christmas Island, and back to his home country Australia. But it was Africa that brought him back time and time again.

Having studied wildlife in Tanzania (The college of African Wildlife Management, Mweka), a friend first introduced him to “The Valley” (the Luangwa valley where we live) in 2007. He left the construction world and started his journey in tourism in this magical place.

The other “half” of AOA is Raphaelle, a Frenchie whose passion for travels led her to Zambia in 2015, where she fell in love with South Luangwa… and Rob. Loving nothing more than a good adventure and extensive chats, her passion is to share what she loves & learns along the way and to inspire people to live their very own life, experiencing what they are capable of and making the most of it.

African Outback Adventures (AOA) is all about showing people the wilder sides of this beautiful continent. Be it the remoteness of the North Luangwa and the walking trails in this wildest of National Parks, the largest mammal migration on earth at Kasanka National Park when up to 10 million straw coloured fruit bats descend onto a small grove of forest within the park, or one of the largest wildebeest migrations in the hardly visited Liuwa plain NP.

These and a myriad of other off the beaten track locations, along with your more traditional places and remote villages, waterfalls and beautiful sites of Southern Africa, our aim is to get you out and about, travelling through remote and often unseen lands, camping under the stars and having our guests take home memories that will last a lifetime, all whilst having a laugh whilst traversing the road less travelled.

Building Memories

Take home memories from the road less travelled that will last a lifetime

Experience freedom and the magic of Africa

« I never knew of a morning in Africa when I woke up and was not happy. » Ernest Hemingway
Neither have we! Hope to see you soon.



Zambia offers fabulous game viewing opportunities in truly wild, game-rich national parks. Come and spot the Big 5 without the crowds


Zambia is one of the quietest and safest countries in Africa, thanks to the friendliness and warmth of its inhabitants.


We organise unforgettable guided tours or self-drive safaris off the beaten tracks in Zambia. Experience unspoilt and authentic Africa.

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